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Digital Namakkal – The premier destination for comprehensive advertising and digital marketing solutions. At Digital Namakkal, we stand at the forefront of innovation, guiding businesses to amplify their online presence and reach new heights of success.

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How We Solve This Project

Designing a WordPress website and providing SEO services for an advertising agency named “Digital Namakkal” involves several steps. Here’s a suggested project plan to help you get started:

  1. Project Kickoff Meeting:

    1. Schedule a meeting with the key stakeholders at Digital Namakkal to discuss their goals, target audience, and specific requirements for the website and SEO services.
  2. Website Design:

    1. Understand the branding guidelines and preferences of Digital Namakkal.
    2. Design a clean, modern, and user-friendly WordPress website.
    3. Choose a responsive WordPress theme to ensure the site looks good on various devices.
    4. Include relevant pages such as Home, About Us, Services, Portfolio, Contact, etc.
    5. Integrate necessary plugins for functionality and optimization.
  3. Content Creation:

    1. Develop high-quality content that reflects Digital Namakkal’s services and values.
    2. Optimize content for SEO, including relevant keywords and meta tags.
    3. Include a blog section to regularly publish informative and engaging articles related to advertising and digital marketing.
  4. SEO Services:

    1. Perform keyword research to identify target keywords for Digital Namakkal’s industry.
    2. Implement on-page SEO optimization for all website pages.
    3. Set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console for tracking website performance.
    4. Create and submit a sitemap to search engines.
    5. Develop a backlink strategy to improve the website’s authority.
  5. Social Media Integration:

    1. Connect relevant social media accounts and integrate social sharing buttons on the website.
    2. Create visually appealing social media profiles and share regular updates about Digital Namakkal’s services.
  6. Training and Handover:

    1. Provide training to Digital Namakkal’s team on updating and maintaining the WordPress website.
    2. Share SEO best practices and guidelines for ongoing optimization.
  7. Testing:

    1. Conduct thorough testing of the website’s functionality and responsiveness.
    2. Identify and fix any bugs or issues.
  8. Launch and Promotion:

    1. Coordinate with Digital Namakkal for the official launch of the website.
    2. Promote the new website through social media channels, email newsletters, and other relevant platforms.
  9. Ongoing Maintenance and Support:

    1. Offer ongoing support for any issues or updates required.
    2. Monitor website performance and SEO metrics regularly.
    3. Provide recommendations for continuous improvement.

Remember to maintain open communication with Digital Namakkal throughout the project to ensure their satisfaction and to make any necessary adjustments based on their feedbac


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